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Friday, March 24, 2006

Prep Kitchen has allure as well.

I spent most of the day yesterday, manufacturing sauces, vegetables, stocks, roasting pancetta, working out the finer points for the Tavern kitchen before it even goes up the Tavern.

I was working in the Downstairs basement prep kitchen at the Inn. It was nice and I really liked the slightly less demanding (and stressfull) pace of not cooking orders for waiting guests.

I love the line don't get me wrong, it was a nice change of view though.

The Beef Stock itself was the largest and nicest batch I have ever personally made, Some 35# of beef bones and trim were roasted in the oven and the added to about 15# of caramelized mirepoix, other various flavors were blended to this and then covered in water. This I set up at 11:30 am and will simmer lazily until about 11:00 the next morning when the prep cook will strain the stock into containers and cool it. Then under the fat cap of congealed beef fat will be a stock made with all natural ingriedients. Very Nice, and my personal favorite for the day.

With stock the options you have are more varied than with boullion,which I have never at the Inn by the way.

When you make a traditional, demi -glace. You take about two gallons of beef stock and reduce it into a cup of liquid. When the concentrated liquid cools it's as hard as a superball. That's demiglace. The flavor is intense and cannot be duplicated in any other way. For instance if you reduce boullion ,what do have ,boullion.
Stock is very cool, what a cool day I had yesterday while exploring the natural wonders of basic cooking.


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