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Friday, March 10, 2006

South Portland Ahoy!

Wee, I 've slid into my new digs in South Portland. In frequent trips to South Portland Library will help me to maintain this log.

The area's very nice and I like it a lot , It has been a long time since I've lived in a city. I mean a reputable city anyway. It's a very cool town and It's beautiful to see it in person.

The new apartment will cost me enough, so that I will cut out drinking and smoking, as well as any dining out that might tempt me in this culinary haven of Portland.

The move is great because is allows Rob & Cat the option to do what they would like to my old space before they sell the house and maybe that will help them find a buyer..

Much thanks to the Jordans for their help in geting set up in Maine. They really put me back on my feet. Wish Good Luck to your hero as his new quest for economic solidarity begins.


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