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Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Years Eve in Fifteen Minutes.....

Well 2005 is just slipping out the back door now. If we all could all be as short as a year in adulthood. Now Mom, I know it wasn't too long ago that you were saying it goes by faster every year. I wonder how fast it's going for Gerald Ford. 91 years now isn't it..
We all still get Christmas, but what about Pearl Harbor Day, or 9/11 just a few monthes ago, granted these aren't exactly joyous remembrances, but you would hope that would ingrain them in our mental bedrock . This doesn't even apply to high Church days of thee ol Catholics. That all Holidays (Holy Days) are cracked up to be (Britsh Vacations are holidays)
What ever happened to Americas' right to religious freedom? Does the Govn't saying it won't interfere, mean that it's easier for people to not observe holidays? Rationaly if Aaron is Jewish and wants his religious holidays off, and it interferes with work schedule, Too bad. If James wants First Friday of every month off so he can revisit the stations of the cross, and it interferes with work, too bad..So on with the Muslims and Hindus and Native American, and Sufis, Wiccan( Iknow I know).
I mean we all have the right to refuse employment anywhere, just like we all the right to have no license to drive and not support tolls on turnpikes. That is just something you have, that you can take the J.O.B and shove it..
Antagonistically though by example; the few weeks in bootcamp, were interesting because it was the only time in four years in the C.G that I went to church, exept for a friends funeral. Sidenote" This was in fact a way to rationalize "Stability" as an idea in young ,contracted employees psychology" The process of training the recruit to care about, and want to be the best part of the Guard that they can be in reinforced by the allowed practice of worship on a regular basis. When the young recruit finally gets to their duty station, the worship part becomes a lot more irregular, when the opportunity arises, a few people to get together on the ship, for a few hours of Sunday, although they called it "Holiday Hours" or "Holiday Routine". The C.G. Station I worked at , didn't really you anytime to worship on Sunday, unless it was a chance schedule allowing you that day off. No rhyme or reason. Alas in Military Service, you cannot simply leave when you've had it. That would be a breach of contract.

Anyway I think we should maybe buy presents on New Years! ( we made it!) and leave the Christ in Christmas. His MASS. In Nomine Patri, Filiuat, Spirtu Sancti. Amen

I guess when you go back to the begining and the country is so diverse that you almost can't not step on theological toes, by trying to let some people worship fully and not others, that people have excepted that and started giving up their faith asked days of reverance.. Except X-mas. (but James , don't leave the Christ out of Christmas) Sorry, I guess it's just that I love him all the time and It's not really his B-day anyway, so let's not really get all crazy, with Sony. Playstation and IPoD, cause that's the easy way out , and America has had way to much of that.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hello from Maine...

This is a great morning , the sun is shining and I'm not a work today. Lovely. The nice thing is last night was the employee holiday party and there was a bunch of bonuses handed out to the staff, free food and drink and a visit from Santa ! He's so Cool, getting a little slimmer than I remember. The not so nice thing... When I was in Dunkin Donuts for a coffee last week , Santa and his Mrs. were having a seat in plush chairs. I guess even with all that's going on before Christmas even Dunkin Donuts has enough money to hire them out. So I waved and said hello. Well to what do my wondering eyes appear, a confused Santa Claus scratching his beard, " Do I know you?", he said as his eyes slanted down, and I just couldn't keep from showing a frown, Crap! I guess I'm not on the List. Oh Brother! Crappy Holidays !