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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Onward to the battle!

It was a holiday weekend, and like all holiday weekends the restuarant was busy, busy, busy.

The Sat.rush was expected and planned for. everything was in place and the flow was great.

Sunday ,well , well Sunday was a romp allright. We got our butts kicked all morning and all evening. I didn't stop to think , save for fleeting glimpses of freedom that would evaporate before my eyes as tickets came rolling in off of the printer. We as kitchen team , ran , hustled , sweated , humped, chopped, diced, minced, sauteed, sweated, ran some more, braised, melted, roasted, grilled, prepared, tossed, chopped, sliced, pan-fried, pan-seared, pan-roasted, Well into the night. No breaks baby!

Tough. That's what we do.

Now Monday was the kicker, we went into overdrive, and broke even, it was scary we worked so hard and well that we should have by all rights been working for Olympic Gold medals in cooking. It was as insane, as I have ever seen work. I felt like a military commander who had the fine job of rallying his troops to battle. We were fighting the dining room and we were not winning .The odds were against us yet we managed to turn the tide and keep our side's casualities low. The night got long and while I feel like the performance of all my line cooks was outstanding. We still got rocked all evening. The hard part was at the end of the night when we were cleaning up , to remember to tell the guys just how proud I was of all their hard work and locked on attitudes. These guys put out 150% and were rewarded by their chef saying good job. Now I've been there but it's still not as cool as getting medals of honor from the gov't.

I have told the Military Commander point of view part of the story to my bosses and they all laugh when I put the General Custer spin on it.

But I'm waiting... for you Mr. Dinner Rush, bring the pain and I will reap the honor of the battlefield. You can stand me up at the gates of hell and I won't back down.
You can try your hardest and I will wheel about on my steed and steadfastly conmmand the loyalty of my men upon even your darkest and bitchiest minions.

Onward to battle!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day, Dinner without resevations.

Well I have felt the brunt of working at the casual, little, brother tavern;to the four diamond formal dining room. We at the Broad Arrow Tavern, don't take reservations for the dining room , while our sibling restuarant the Maine Dining Room, books right up on weekdays and weekends, the result being that we can handle all the available guests as they need nourishment or drink, The downside is you can get a dinner rush that hits like a Tsunami and lasts for a while; that you didn't even see coming.

Tonight was a rare occassion where all the tables were sat perfectly staggered allowing us great time to put their dishes together with ease and finesse. No scrambling to acheive picture perfect quality. The specials tonight were a Mixed Game Menu. Samplings of wild boar tenderloin, venison chops, and Long Island duck breast. Flageolet Beans and Winter greens gratin. (swiss chard, broccoli raab and spinach all braised in garlic and then coated with fresh herb panko and butter, then browned off.)Served with a roasted mushroom and red wine sauce.

For a different fare we served;
Gulf of Maine fished Filet of Sole
Stuffed with a bacon , asparagus & crabmeat filling, Smothered in lemon beurre blanc sauce with a side of poached asparagus and basmati rice.

Lovely, yet the wonderful thing for me tonight was the volume of Sole that we sold and in pairs,it was tremendous, like 16 orders all night and with great praise from all the servers and from all the guests as well, couples coming up to say that they hadn't ever had better sole in the last twenty years. Many couples mind you. It was like I was making the perfect Valentines Day Dinner for couples who came through Freeport. Great , Happy to oblige, the only thing being I didn't actually have a significant other, no one to take out to dinner myself even if it was later in the week , with that in mind I decided tha I wasn't going to be bitter, I would clear my ego and my mind from the detachment and keep on making dinner without reservations.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back In the Galley Again!

Well today was a productive day. I started by activating my internet banking.
Moved on to set up my dental insurance with a new practitioner. Checked on my tax refund status. Got lunch and dinner for the Wing St. crew. I also got my request for reservist cook at Station Booth Bay Harbor , ME.

That I ever wanted to go back in is news to me , but with Cho and Rob moving I feel the need to spread my wings again and realizing that this time with no net, It's a great place to both meet people and retain the slow steady income part time that can not only satisfy the monthly rent wants , but also help me work off the last 16 years till retirement. Yeah right! Bleagh!

On the other hand I am happy to say that all the Chef Brigade at the Inn was supportive of my reentry and was looking to find ways to help smooth the transition for me.. Also while making sure I was sticking around through the summer again.

I am stoked to get involved again even if it's simple, non heroic tasking and mostly I like the fact that I can get away that weekend, and serve up some good chow to the crew at Station Booth Bay Harbor.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dinner, Dinner, Might be great, Not to late.

For dinner on Sun. Feb 5 , I served;

Horseradish Encrusted Pan Seared, Maine Raised Filet of Beef Tenderloin.
Whipped Yukons & Roasted Vegetable Putanesca. Drizzle of Red Wine Reduction. $30

Wood Fired Butcher's Cut Breast of Pheasant
& Roasted Shallot Oil Leg of Pheasant Confit

Petite Rosemary Homefries & Braised Broccolli Rabe $26

While I had a great time making these specials , the shortcoming of them was marked by a lack of sales. The beef Tenderloin sold only three orders not so important because we need the filets for the woodgrill anyway, Even more distressing was the Pheasant, of which I prepared three 3 birds , for six orders. One for all the front of house and linecooks to see and try . The other I sold to , ( I heard one waiter say to Micheal Mc M..... Something of the him being from the Doobie Bros. That was the only order of Pheasant that I sold. Yet I need to check on this , that guy might have been able to hear me sing China Rose>

This might be a cool way for me to , get my demo tapes out there. When I get to be a groovy famous Chef. Like Emeril and Regis Philbin combined. Except on God's Side..

Peace Ya'll ..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WorkOut can be an Escape with discipline.

Well, I have after about four years gone back to working out, praise God. Let's not forget that a healty body can put one's mind, and soul in harmony.

Eating less is not a problem, I just skip heavy portions and concentrate on fruits and vegetables. If I cut out cookies and other sweets , I can still get my fat balance from the butter sauces I create and taste at work.

Since work often means I am to be tasting product for quality. The time spent at work can be detrimental to my succeeding at balance diet. I have approximmated a curve if you will which lets me stay heavy on protein and mineral rich foods and zero out carbs, unless I'm not at work in which case I eat a regular three square meals..

Running is my new adventure. The prospects of my enjoying running seemed unlike my waist , very slim, until a few monthes ago. I have always been overweight for my age and height, throughout basic training, I ate a strict diet and workout many times every day. I still came out with spare tire (although admittedly shrunk).
Now it seems that with every running session I can do more than the last. My mile has gone from 10 mins 30 Secs, For one mile, to an improved 8 min average over three miles. Also I hae been concentrating on my upper arms, lats, triceps, benchpress, military press and other upperbody workouts.. I like the challenge of getting better and since I came to the game so late I feel no anxiety about what other people are doing. I am liking the grace that muscle control gives the body, I really enjoy how even though you are working for the expirience , and it's hard to push yourself, when you can "Zone out" on a run, it's possible to crank the mile your on right into nothing and you've also managed to regulate your heartbeat. That's the key to running distance; heart rate targeting. It's huge and allows the body to remain constant in a high stress situation. Also by generating healthy stress on your body , all the other unhealthy stress in a simple day becomes dim in comparison.

The important part is that even though it's hard . It wouldn't be rewarding if you just got it handed to you , you have to work for what you want.

I wonder if that's how I'll make my first million dollars?